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Dawn's Keep, Vendor Spots Available (5/1/2017)

Dawn's Keep, Vendor Spots Available (5/1/2017) 💰 Shroud Of The Avatar (Market Watch)

It has been two months since I last visited and I was surprised to see how the town has changed. There are now more available spots at the entrance. I guess the old houses or lots has expired and were automatically unclaimed.

Anyway, there are still a few Player Vendors in Dawn's Keep and you can check them out by watching the video below.

Dawn's Keep, Vendor Spots Available (5/1/2017) 💰 Shroud Of The Avatar (Market Watch)

In this Shroud of the Avatar video, checked the Player Vendors in the Player Owned Town of Dawn's Keep. (Remove lag in Shroud of the Avatar →

► Player Vendors (8)

(Use the Time Stamp to quickly jump to each Player Vendor. It will save you from watching me blabber about nonsense. LOL!)

4:40 - ORC Guild Vendor
5:00 - Mad Lukas
5:25 - Bank Access Here and Wares
6:30 - Food Decor Seasonal
7:40 - Scrolls Potions Chests Bags
8:10 - First Stop Shop
8:30 - Greengrocer Jayson
8:50 - Pots and Foods

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