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Taking A Look At The Viking Village Inn In Outlander Welcome Center

Taking A Look At The Viking Village Inn In Outlander Welcome Center

The Viking Village Inn is a new type of house in Shroud of the Avatar. It's specially made for the upcoming Room Rental System in Release 44 (hopefully). It has 15 rent ready rooms and it's 4-story tall.

The Viking Village Inn is not a craftable house. It's only available in Shroud of the Avatar's Add-On Store and getting it will cost you $100 USD.

I am very interested in getting this Viking Village Inn but I don't have $100 USD to burn in the Add-On Store, unfortunately.

Anyway, watch the video below to see me take a look at the Viking Village Inn located in the Player Owned Town of Outlander Welcome Center.

Taking A Look At The Viking Village Inn In Outlander Welcome Center • Shroud Of The Avatar

In this Shroud of the Avatar gameplay video, I went to the player owned town of Outlander Welcome Center to take a look at the new Viking Village Inn. (Remove lag in Shroud of the Avatar → and don't forget to TIP Channel of the Avatar → Thanks! (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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